ROBLOX Bad Business Wiki

Similarly to the official Discord Server, the community would best serve as a place centered around acceptance and empathy, and obviously a litany of information should anyone need it.

Refrain from disrespectful behavior.
Disagreement and constructive criticism are welcome, but rude behavior is not.

Inappropriate content is not allowed.
This includes all forms of suggestive material and inappropriate references.

Swearing is generally not allowed.
Mild swear words ('shit' or 'ass') are tolerated as long as they are not overused. Anything more (including 'baiting' users using spoilers or similar methods) is not allowed.

No advertising.
Just like in the Discord server.

Do not post your demands here.
We know how you want a gun nerfed. That's fair. But you know that this is an unofficial wiki, and therefore is not where the devs look for suggestions or feedback.

Do not post exploiter reports here.
It's how you learn that none of the wiki staff are capable of banning exploiters, or are interested in reading your reports.

No necroposting.
By the time you reply to a one-month old comment, the OP has probably found the answer they were looking for.

Vandalism is not tolerated.
Because it results in a ban.